Your Why Life Purpose
I’ve been a whirlwind of reading and ideas and thoughts this week. I’ve been perusing multiple blogs that have caught my attention, downloaded and started reading a few different books, and thought of many great ideas for my coaching practice.

All of this activity of the mind can be a great thing. But somehow I felt almost manic, like I wasn’t tethered and was headed in all different directions.

Luckily, I was speaking to my wonderful mentor, Bev Barnes (yes, even coaches need coaches) and she reminded me to look inside, where my heart is. Essentially, she reminded me to look at my “why.”

In his well-watched TED Talk, Simon Sinek stated, “Those who start with why that have the ability to inspire those around them.” In remembering to look at my why, I remembered what I love about coaching. I love to help people find their gifts, their dreams and align their lives with both of those. In remembering my “why,” I’ve inspired myself. It’s much easier for me to focus on what’s important in my work.

Do you know your why? What do you believe in that will inspire you to take action? What gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning?

If you want to be inspired take a look at Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, which focuses on finding your why in business.