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You already know inside, my dear. Whatever problem looms largest in your mind, don’t look outside. Turn within to your knowing warmth. To your inner self that has your best answers.

The fast-paced buzz and hum of the external world that seems to have all the keys will try to persuade you. It will try to seduce you with its airbrushed photos and thousands of articles touting the answer in your Facebook feed. With the incessant voices of 24 hours of news. With the loud, opinionated neighbor.

Trust Yourself

Ignore it all and trust yourself. For in your quiet moments, you know the answer. You know what is best. All of the external that seems to promise answers is causing your suffering. You try to attach yourself to something that the world sees as objective truth, yet it doesn’t feel right. Its explanations create stories that cause you pain within. It causes an interior battle.

Find a quiet spot in solitude. Nature, a fuzzy blanket, a bath or a cup of tea can enhance your knowing. Think of your problem and feel into your body. Feel the wisdom that came with you in this body. Know the simple answer. Don’t look for the complex or the unusual. Look for the answer that speaks of peace.

How Does It Feel?

Cultivate that inner knowing for all of your answers. Be guided by how your choices feel. Your body will not lie. With ideas that go against your soul’s wisdom it will contract, constrict and give you specific clues that something is not for you. Learn these signals and signs and give them your daily attention. For they are wisdom and knowing.

With confidence and trust in your inner knowing, you will start to be bold. You will begin to fly. Your choices, scary at first, will bring you more confidence. Each small step will prove to your soul that you trust it. It will then give your the next step. You will start to expand and grow in ways that line up with the life you were meant to live. Go forth and be bold with confidence in your inner knowing. It is one of the keys to feminine power.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]