change niche find purpose
As I’ve been building my business recently, I’ve realized it’s a lot like life. You have to face your fears and beliefs that come up and get in your way. You have to put in the effort but also the “energy” behind building your business. For a soul-inspired business, you have to take the steps each day that bring you joy. And you need to test things out and change things up if need be.

I’ve also come to learn the unchangeable law of the universe that we are not given the final results of our plans and projects. We are only shown one or two steps down the road.

So we must take those one or two steps in the direction of joy, and trust that the final result will turn out in the end.

For my steps, I’m looking to the fact that I’ve always been fascinated with gifts and purpose. I love to coach people through this learning these beautiful truths about themselves. Earlier, I had thought to head in the direction of focusing on people at the beginning of their journey toward purpose—when they first realize they are unhappy.