My suitcases are lying half-packed around my bedroom. I feel energy zinging around my body and it’s hard to sit still. Tomorrow morning I leave on a plane for a coaches’ gathering. I bought my tickets months ago and have been dreaming of the great people I will meet. I’ve been curious about the kinds of conversations I will have. I can’t wait to find out what the speaker will teach us and am looking forward to her funny stories. In other words, I’ve been full of anticipation for months about this event.


Having something to look forward to in life is one of the great energizers. Ideally, it should be something that stretches you, is a little scary and is a kind of adventure. It can be anything. It can be meeting with a new person, giving a speech, publishing something or a big trip. Your soul leans forward into the future. Each day leading up to the event is filled with an energy and excitement that spills into your regular life.

Last year for me it was another trip – to Paris with a group of women. The anticipation, the choosing out outfits, the planning, the buying French money, learning French ahead of time – all contributed to the fun. Both of these trips were something my soul yearned for. The thoughts about the upcoming adventures brought me joy.

How Does It Feel in Your Body?

When I thought about it, I realized the idea of these trips created happiness in my body. Positive sensations in your body are an indication that you’re on track to following your soul’s desires. The positive indicators in my body said that some of the elements of these trips were pointing me towards my purpose. And they have.

What Is It Showing You?

With the Paris trip, I realized that I want to spend time in deep conversation with like-minded women. I also learned that I love to be a mirror for other women and show them their gifts. I’ve realized with these experiences that I love to travel and have adventure. I love interesting cities and great dinners. I want to build more of that in my life.

Everyone needs something to anticipate in life. Think of the last thing you did that you were excited about. Didn’t it make the time leading up to it even more exciting?

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to pick something to do that will bring you delicious anticipation. It could be big or small, near or far, but it should stretch you a little bit. Then commit to it and enjoy the time leading up to it as much as the event itself.