fearless purpose find courage
My teenage sons would be the first to point out that I’m not always up on the more popular videos going around the internet. I recently discovered a video from 2011 (so I’m only five years behind) of a honey badger and let me tell you, the honey badger don’t care. The voiceover is a bit “inappropriate” as I would tell my kids, but as with such things, it’s also quite funny. The video has gone viral, and sports teams and guns have been named after this creature, because it’s so fierce.

Honey badgers look like a stocky skunk, but instead of stink they have long sharp claws and sharp teeth. They spend all day going after food like mice, scorpions, cobras and bee larva. The thing is, they are the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom. In the video, this honey badger climbed to the top of a tree and fought and killed a cobra. Then it went deep into a bee hive to eat the larva, getting stung a million times but aggressively go after the food anyway. It also fearlessly slept in a lion’s den.

The objective of a honey badger’s life is to catch prey and eat. I believe the reason for a human’s life is to find joy and purpose. What if we went after it like a honey badger, fearlessly, persistently and taking action?


You feel that desire to live a life of purpose that won’t go away. You want more joy in your life. What if you went about it like the fearless honey badger? What if you didn’t care what the lions thought? What if you wanted your purpose so bad that you risked a million bee stings to get it?

Fear of what others think, rejection, worry about getting kicked out of the tribe can all feel like stings. But what if we take a page from the little guy’s book, and do it anyway?

Taking Action

The honey badger goes after prey, eats it, and without taking a break, goes after more food. This is continuous.

What if we put aside our fears and just take action? What if we realize our purpose is as important as eating and take daily, courageous steps toward it?


The honey badger goes after what it wants and doesn’t let hardship set it back. It will kill a cobra, passing out from a venomous bite, and go right back to eating after it wakes up.

Finding and fulfilling our purpose takes persistence. We can’t let the venom of others who are jealous get in our way. We can’t let the poison of people who want to keep us small prevent us from taking steps to live our biggest life.

The secret is to be one who just doesn’t care. Or if you can’t manage that, work on your fears and cares that are blocking you. Be like the honey badger and go after your purpose with persistent, fearless action.

And if you want to see the video, here it is (warning – swearing): https://youtu.be/4r7wHMg5Yjg