Applying and getting into a top university. Getting a law degree. Appearing in federal court. All those things were hard work, but they were easy. Because they gained me respect and recognition. I called myself an attorney with pride in my voice. But life coach? Personal development guru? Because of my buying into what society holds up as respectable, following the path to these has not been so easy to brag about.

Courage and Happiness

I now realize that choosing to be an attorney didn’t come from any strong life purpose or inner guidance. It came from a desire for ego candy like recognition, respect, money and from not listening to my true self. It’s taken real courage for me to step off that ego-candy path and step into a life guided by my inner self. And you know what? I was miserable as an attorney. However, now I do my coaching work, incredulous that something that makes me feel so amazing is mine.

What is a Wild Practical Life?

What are we really talking about at Wild Practical Life? It’s about helping you see that the path that has traditionally led to respect and recognition, the one you think that others expect of you, is what has made you dissatisfied, unhappy and stuck. It’s about helping you find an energetic, happy life led by the guidance of your inner voice.

How to Live A Life From Soul

What does it mean to live a life from soul, from your inner self? It means:

  • Being aware of your thoughts
  • Being aware of your feelings and your body
  • Figuring out what’s blocking you from happiness
  • Finding tools to check in with your inner self for guidance in how to live your life
  • Following the joy and energy to find your path, always trusting that the next step will appear
  • And finding the courage, each and every day, to step off the traditional path of chasing money and recognition, and take the path of soul towards a Wild Practical Life

Something Worth Having

I wish I could show you the way to living a life from the inner self in one short blog post, but like anything worth having, it takes time, curiosity, knowledge and help. At Wild Practical Life, we’re working on the most creative, innovative solutions to get you on the path to a joyful life.