What is your mission and purpose?
I woke up at 3 a.m. last night and my monkeys were screaming. They were yelling about how useless I am and how my business isn’t as successful as it should be. They were howling in my ear that I am nothing and should just quit.

Then they really got excited and starting flinging poo, as monkeys like to do. The poo clearly signaled that I belong covered in excrement and should just go get a real job. I can’t stick to anything and am worthless. Then they screamed some more about how everyone at an upcoming meeting is going to see me as small and incompetent. My monkeys were having a grand time.

I was seized by their loud screaming and flinging for a long time and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. Eventually, a wiser voice spoke up. It was quiet and I had to work hard to hear it over all of that wailing, but I knew it was important.

You are running a business meant to help others, it said. There’s a deeper purpose to what you do.

Keep Going, it said with a deep, resonant whisper.

It said that being in business by yourself and promising the intangible is going to be hard.

Keep Going, it said.

When I took a few more peaceful breaths and listened again it said that my energy, excitement, and confidence in my business will be like a spiral. It won’t be a straight line of more and more enthusiasm, but will go up, down and around like the whorls in a sea shell.

Keep Going, it said.

Your monkeys will scream and fling poo, it said. Pet them on the head

And Keep Going.

Remember that hint of a beautiful vision you see for your business twenty years down the pike. Hold on to that.

And Keep Going.

Your work to help others is part of a bigger mission in this world, connected to all of the other beautiful souls doing their own part. It is needed.

Keep Going.