Power Essence

I believe you have a beautiful essence that is truly unique to us. And when we know what it is and operate within it, we thrive. 

One of my biggest joys in life is trying to help you answer the big question “Who am I?” which is seconded by “Why am I here?” 

I get gleeful in discovering new ways to get to the heart of the answers to these questions. We have a vibration or frequency that is our own and we operate best if we are in touch with and honor that frequency. 

You too have a beautiful essence and vibration. Let me help you find it. Let’s geek out on it and honor it together. 

“You do you” despite what society says and what’s traditionally desirable in our culture. Honor all of you. Rebel by embracing your seemingly less desirable bit, whether it be too sensitive or too brash, or anything else too much. 

My hope is that your Power Essence will be something you can hang your hat on. 

When you get lost in life, forget who you are or when talking to someone else or doing your work, you can come back to your Power Essence. 

It will renew your why, your greatness. It will remind you of your gifts, your vibration, what sets you apart from others. How you are awesomely different.

When you get into the weeds, things go awry in your life, you can look to your essence and remember what the positive, super version of you looks like and tame down the shadow side. 

I’ve really gotten into astrology lately. It’s really clicking for me because it is a form and way to get a handle on someone’s essence or personality, quickly and accurately. It gives a language to who a person is at their core, something I love to explore. 

You will love this if you like to examine who you are and think astrology is cool. You’ll hate this if you think astrology is bunk and you hate exploring who you are. 

What this will look like: You give me your birth date, place and time (if it’s not on your birth certificate, ask someone who may know). I will create your birth chart, hop on the phone with you to go over your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant – essentially who you are, how it’s flavored by your soul and the mask of how others see you. We’ll go over challenges you may face because of these. Afterwards, I’ll create a summary of this in your Power Essence Profile – a page or two that talks about who you are. 

This is a lot to hope for in one conversation and a 1-2 page document, but I’m willing to give it a try. Join me? Schedule an appointment below.

$60 Beta price 


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