Playing Small? dreams
Are you playing small?
Do you close down your voice in conversations for fear that the invisible you see as truth will not be welcome?
Do you let the hard, logical, loud statements of others stand without being questioned?

Are there things in your head and heart that you hide from the world?
Are there visions and dreams that you don’t act on out of fear?

How to stop playing small?
In small continuous ways.

First, dig deep and connect to that quiet part of you that knows your truth.
Listen to what it wants to say.
Connect to its beautiful magic and creativity.
Decide how to bring that out into the world.

Each step will be scary.
Each step will make you worry about what others will think.
But if there’s excitement on the other side of the fear, take the step anyway.

Repeating that step with another variation will be so much easier the next time.
So aim for a slightly bigger step in the world.
And push past fear again to the excitement.

There will always be bigger steps and always be fear.
But if you don’t start on the road with each careful, small step
You will never get to where you need to go.
Take your wild, beautiful, creative, colorful steps.
They are needed in this world.