How to Stand Out Using Who You Are

stand out solo entrepreneur
Do you feel lost in a sea of others in your profession as a solo entrepreneur? Do you see the people at the top and how their personalities really grab you? Do you feel blah in comparison?

It’s time to use what you have naturally to set yourself apart. How do you do that?


Ask your friends and family what makes you unique. Often we can’t see it for ourselves so it’s great to ask others who know us well. Send a quick short, email with questions like “What are my top 3 gifts or genius?” and “What are the top 3 positive character traits?” It can be a bit scary to put yourself out there like this, but if you explain it’s for your business and then take a deep breath, you might be surprised by the responses.


What have you been called “too much” of? Are you too sensitive or too strong? Do you laugh too much or are you too loud? Any qualities you are told to tone down are actually clues to things that you should embrace. These are things that you should play up in your business.


Take these qualities and build your story around them. Show these to your clients in your blog posts and social media. Show them you are human and if they have the same quality, they can relate to you.


Put a little of this flavor into the images you use. Do you laugh a lot? Use light, fun images. Are you sensitive? Use peaceful, maybe mysterious images.

Your business should not try to be cookie-cutter or like the top people in your niche. It should be unique and authentic to you and your personality. Your strengths should come through in order to set you apart from others.


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