To Achieve Business Goals, Focus and Simplify

Lately, I’ve been distracted. There’s so much going on, everything from conventions, to summer vacations, to new gadgets, and of course, interesting new things to learn. However, I’ve realized that to get where I want to go in my business and life, I have to focus and simplify.


I have to focus on what is going to help me achieve my goals. I want to be a great coach and help a lot of people find their niche in life and business. So I have to focus on what will best help me do that.


I have to simplify. There is so much noise out there on the internet on how to run your business and coach and achieve. I have to simplify and trust the most obvious path. I can’t be distracted by shiny new ideas that won’t get me anywhere. I have to streamline my tasks and focus on what will get me toward my goals.