bravery courage soul
Bravery. The kind that’s required to step up and be who you want to be. The kind that’s required to be deeply, authentically who you are. The kind that you need to say “no.” The kind that you must have to speak your mind to someone you care deeply about who doesn’t feel the same way. The kind that’s required to believe that you soul’s whispers know what they’re talking about.

How do you find this elusive lion? How do you embrace it so you can have what’s on the other side of fear?

First, know that by being brave and facing your fears is the way to tremendous growth. Know that if you don’t push your fears aside to live your life, you will become stagnant and much smaller.

Second, focus on what’s beyond the fear. Focus on just how much you want that and how great it would be to have it.

Bravery. Dig deep and find yours. It’s worth it.