Thanksgiving connection
Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful. But today I’m also going to suggest your revel in the feminine trait of interconnectedness.

As you prepare and eat your meal today, settle into the connection to women around the country and to those who have come before you. Feel the connection to your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Or perhaps to ancestors who have prepared food. See them sitting around a fire or a in a mustard yellow kitchen. Appreciate the simple goodness of the human tradition of preparing food. The cutting, the chopping, the stripping, the mixing, the cooking – all can be meditative movements to connect us to the long line of women before us. Feel the power of the sisterhood, owning, appreciating and taking comfort in it.

If, as a woman, you feel an objection rising up about the unfairness of women given the task of the manual labor, I understand. I feel that too. Feel that part of your nature and honor it. But also realize the power you can gain from the feminine aspect of interconnectedness on this day.

Thanksgiving can be a time of stress of many different personalities coming together. Take this time to consider each person at the table as a soul struggling to do their best, just as you are. Feel the love and connection to your fellow humans. Be open to truly seeing the others around you.

Also be open to letting them see you. Relax into your comfortable, natural self (perhaps with a few deep breaths) and let others see you for your gifts. Connect to them from your inner self.

Plugging in to history, to family and to those sitting around the table with you all can fill you with the simple, necessary pleasure of connection.

Happy Thanksgiving.