I Choose Imperfect

Perfect is Enemy of Good
My perfectionist is a little girl of seven or eight. She sits on my shoulder, her perfect pigtails clipped with little pink bows. She wears a polka dot dress and shakes her finger at me.

Your office is a mess,” she says. “You should have your pencils perfectly lined up. All your books and papers are just clutter.”

“You have to know the whole strategy for your business and follow it perfectly,” she commands in my ear. “You have to attract a ton of clients right now and know the formula for success. Look at that successful person. She knows exactly what to do. You have to be like that.”

Her words make me freeze. I start spinning and spinning and don’t know which direction to go. Each thing I think of isn’t perfect enough in my little perfectionist’s eyes so I do nothing.

She wags her little finger in front of my face, daring me to have all of the right answers right now.

The endless circles my thinking brain has taken me in finally tire me out. I take a deep breath and a different way comes to mind. What if I embrace the imperfect mystery? What if I thank my little perfectionist, give her a gentle pat on her head, and feel into the messy, beautiful glory of building something from my soul’s wisdom? What if I enjoy the struggles and the uncertainty?

What if I take whatever beautiful, messy action that feels like joy to me today?

I realize that each day of glorious, muddled, risky activity adds up.

I make a nice, little pink bed for my perfectionist, thank her for her hard work and settle her into sleep.

Today I choose imperfect.


Are Screaming Monkeys Drowning Out Your Mission?

What is your mission and purpose?
I woke up at 3 a.m. last night and my monkeys were screaming. They were yelling about how useless I am and how my business isn’t as successful as it should be. They were howling in my ear that I am nothing and should just quit.

Then they really got excited and starting flinging poo, as monkeys like to do. The poo clearly signaled that I belong covered in excrement and should just go get a real job. I can’t stick to anything and am worthless. Then they screamed some more about how everyone at an upcoming meeting is going to see me as small and incompetent. My monkeys were having a grand time.

I was seized by their loud screaming and flinging for a long time and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. Eventually, a wiser voice spoke up. It was quiet and I had to work hard to hear it over all of that wailing, but I knew it was important.

You are running a business meant to help others, it said. There’s a deeper purpose to what you do.

Keep Going, it said with a deep, resonant whisper.

It said that being in business by yourself and promising the intangible is going to be hard.

Keep Going, it said.

When I took a few more peaceful breaths and listened again it said that my energy, excitement, and confidence in my business will be like a spiral. It won’t be a straight line of more and more enthusiasm, but will go up, down and around like the whorls in a sea shell.

Keep Going, it said.

Your monkeys will scream and fling poo, it said. Pet them on the head

And Keep Going.

Remember that hint of a beautiful vision you see for your business twenty years down the pike. Hold on to that.

And Keep Going.

Your work to help others is part of a bigger mission in this world, connected to all of the other beautiful souls doing their own part. It is needed.

Keep Going.


Can You Fly Above It All?

meaning transcendence above problems
The roar of the engines pushes us back in our seats. I try to peer out the small window to see our speed. We go faster and faster, knowing it’s enough, but still our minds question. When we sense we must be at the end of the runway, we finally rise in the air. I feel a sense of adventure and exhilaration throughout my body. We are flying in a metal tube, high above the earth. Feeling small in the scope of things, cut off from the world, but felling connected to each other through this shared experience. Transcendence.

I took a trip this week and I love flying, especially the take off. I hadn’t quite examined why until recently I read a book called “The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters” by Emily Esfahani Smith. In it, she puts forth 4 pillars of meaning and the last is transcendence, feeling very small yet also connected to others. This can occur on a spiritual level when you feel connected to a higher power or on a secular level when you see a beautiful sunset. It also happens to astronauts high above the Earth, viewing it from space.

Can you remember moments of transcendence in your life? Maybe viewing a stunning painting or listening to music? These moments can bring meaning to our lives, a sense of connection to others and the order of things.

Can you find time to gain more transcendent moments? Plan to watch a sunset, be out in nature, or go to a museum perhaps? These moments can be key memories that sustain us all our lives.


Can You Imagine Planning Your Day Using Your Intuition?

Do you feel stuck? Is there so much in your head and that you want to get done, but you can’t get organized enough to do it? Do you know the things you have to do but can’t seem to find the energy to do them? Or do you not even know what to do?

Let’s get planning, the Wild Practical Life way.

How to Spend Your Time

First, you only have so many hours in the day, so you can consciously decide what to do during those hours or you can let the world fling you about. Because being flung around usually isn’t very productive, let’s choose to consciously decide what to spend our time on.

Now, how to choose what to do each day? Now most people might say do what makes you the most money, or what can get you the most exposure for your business. In life, they might say to choose what will make you most productive, look the best or be the most connected. These are all choices of the ego. That’s not the Wild Practical way.

Connect to Your Inner Self

In Wild Practical planning, we first connect to our inner self, our soul, and decide what tasks we want to tackle. Connecting to your inner soul can be tricky, you have to be quiet and connected. Perhaps you’ll use meditation, check in with your body, or use oracle cards. Go through your task list while connected to your authentic, inner self, and choose the tasks that you feel the most positive and energetic about.


The tasks that your soul is telling you to choose will lead to the most joy, connection, and amazing life. Trust it.


The Secret to a Deep, Happy, Fulfilling Life

Applying and getting into a top university. Getting a law degree. Appearing in federal court. All those things were hard work, but they were easy. Because they gained me respect and recognition. I called myself an attorney with pride in my voice. But life coach? Personal development guru? Because of my buying into what society holds up as respectable, following the path to these has not been so easy to brag about.

Courage and Happiness

I now realize that choosing to be an attorney didn’t come from any strong life purpose or inner guidance. It came from a desire for ego candy like recognition, respect, money and from not listening to my true self. It’s taken real courage for me to step off that ego-candy path and step into a life guided by my inner self. And you know what? I was miserable as an attorney. However, now I do my coaching work, incredulous that something that makes me feel so amazing is mine.

What is a Wild Practical Life?

What are we really talking about at Wild Practical Life? It’s about helping you see that the path that has traditionally led to respect and recognition, the one you think that others expect of you, is what has made you dissatisfied, unhappy and stuck. It’s about helping you find an energetic, happy life led by the guidance of your inner voice.

How to Live A Life From Soul

What does it mean to live a life from soul, from your inner self? It means:

  • Being aware of your thoughts
  • Being aware of your feelings and your body
  • Figuring out what’s blocking you from happiness
  • Finding tools to check in with your inner self for guidance in how to live your life
  • Following the joy and energy to find your path, always trusting that the next step will appear
  • And finding the courage, each and every day, to step off the traditional path of chasing money and recognition, and take the path of soul towards a Wild Practical Life

Something Worth Having

I wish I could show you the way to living a life from the inner self in one short blog post, but like anything worth having, it takes time, curiosity, knowledge and help. At Wild Practical Life, we’re working on the most creative, innovative solutions to get you on the path to a joyful life.



Thanksgiving connection
Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful. But today I’m also going to suggest your revel in the feminine trait of interconnectedness.

As you prepare and eat your meal today, settle into the connection to women around the country and to those who have come before you. Feel the connection to your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Or perhaps to ancestors who have prepared food. See them sitting around a fire or a in a mustard yellow kitchen. Appreciate the simple goodness of the human tradition of preparing food. The cutting, the chopping, the stripping, the mixing, the cooking – all can be meditative movements to connect us to the long line of women before us. Feel the power of the sisterhood, owning, appreciating and taking comfort in it.

If, as a woman, you feel an objection rising up about the unfairness of women given the task of the manual labor, I understand. I feel that too. Feel that part of your nature and honor it. But also realize the power you can gain from the feminine aspect of interconnectedness on this day.

Thanksgiving can be a time of stress of many different personalities coming together. Take this time to consider each person at the table as a soul struggling to do their best, just as you are. Feel the love and connection to your fellow humans. Be open to truly seeing the others around you.

Also be open to letting them see you. Relax into your comfortable, natural self (perhaps with a few deep breaths) and let others see you for your gifts. Connect to them from your inner self.

Plugging in to history, to family and to those sitting around the table with you all can fill you with the simple, necessary pleasure of connection.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Playing Small?

Playing Small? dreams
Are you playing small?
Do you close down your voice in conversations for fear that the invisible you see as truth will not be welcome?
Do you let the hard, logical, loud statements of others stand without being questioned?

Are there things in your head and heart that you hide from the world?
Are there visions and dreams that you don’t act on out of fear?

How to stop playing small?
In small continuous ways.

First, dig deep and connect to that quiet part of you that knows your truth.
Listen to what it wants to say.
Connect to its beautiful magic and creativity.
Decide how to bring that out into the world.

Each step will be scary.
Each step will make you worry about what others will think.
But if there’s excitement on the other side of the fear, take the step anyway.

Repeating that step with another variation will be so much easier the next time.
So aim for a slightly bigger step in the world.
And push past fear again to the excitement.

There will always be bigger steps and always be fear.
But if you don’t start on the road with each careful, small step
You will never get to where you need to go.
Take your wild, beautiful, creative, colorful steps.
They are needed in this world.


Storm Brewing

There’s a storm brewing outside my window.
It’s dark and nasty. The greyness
heralding the power of nature about to hit my town.

It echoes a storm within me.
So many things are being stirred up
And the feeling of a power
Building up that no longer can be contained.

The need to fight for what I believe in.
The winds blowing to uncover that which was complacent.

What storms are brewing in you?
What hidden discontents need to be uncovered?
What power do you have that you must start to own
In order to live your best, biggest, fully-aligned life?


Embrace the Lion

bravery courage soul
Bravery. The kind that’s required to step up and be who you want to be. The kind that’s required to be deeply, authentically who you are. The kind that you need to say “no.” The kind that you must have to speak your mind to someone you care deeply about who doesn’t feel the same way. The kind that’s required to believe that you soul’s whispers know what they’re talking about.

How do you find this elusive lion? How do you embrace it so you can have what’s on the other side of fear?

First, know that by being brave and facing your fears is the way to tremendous growth. Know that if you don’t push your fears aside to live your life, you will become stagnant and much smaller.

Second, focus on what’s beyond the fear. Focus on just how much you want that and how great it would be to have it.

Bravery. Dig deep and find yours. It’s worth it.


How to Stand Out Using Who You Are

stand out solo entrepreneur
Do you feel lost in a sea of others in your profession as a solo entrepreneur? Do you see the people at the top and how their personalities really grab you? Do you feel blah in comparison?

It’s time to use what you have naturally to set yourself apart. How do you do that?


Ask your friends and family what makes you unique. Often we can’t see it for ourselves so it’s great to ask others who know us well. Send a quick short, email with questions like “What are my top 3 gifts or genius?” and “What are the top 3 positive character traits?” It can be a bit scary to put yourself out there like this, but if you explain it’s for your business and then take a deep breath, you might be surprised by the responses.


What have you been called “too much” of? Are you too sensitive or too strong? Do you laugh too much or are you too loud? Any qualities you are told to tone down are actually clues to things that you should embrace. These are things that you should play up in your business.


Take these qualities and build your story around them. Show these to your clients in your blog posts and social media. Show them you are human and if they have the same quality, they can relate to you.


Put a little of this flavor into the images you use. Do you laugh a lot? Use light, fun images. Are you sensitive? Use peaceful, maybe mysterious images.

Your business should not try to be cookie-cutter or like the top people in your niche. It should be unique and authentic to you and your personality. Your strengths should come through in order to set you apart from others.