Do you feel stuck? Is there so much in your head and that you want to get done, but you can’t get organized enough to do it? Do you know the things you have to do but can’t seem to find the energy to do them? Or do you not even know what to do?

Let’s get planning, the Wild Practical Life way.

How to Spend Your Time

First, you only have so many hours in the day, so you can consciously decide what to do during those hours or you can let the world fling you about. Because being flung around usually isn’t very productive, let’s choose to consciously decide what to spend our time on.

Now, how to choose what to do each day? Now most people might say do what makes you the most money, or what can get you the most exposure for your business. In life, they might say to choose what will make you most productive, look the best or be the most connected. These are all choices of the ego. That’s not the Wild Practical way.

Connect to Your Inner Self

In Wild Practical planning, we first connect to our inner self, our soul, and decide what tasks we want to tackle. Connecting to your inner soul can be tricky, you have to be quiet and connected. Perhaps you’ll use meditation, check in with your body, or use oracle cards. Go through your task list while connected to your authentic, inner self, and choose the tasks that you feel the most positive and energetic about.


The tasks that your soul is telling you to choose will lead to the most joy, connection, and amazing life. Trust it.