meaning transcendence above problems
The roar of the engines pushes us back in our seats. I try to peer out the small window to see our speed. We go faster and faster, knowing it’s enough, but still our minds question. When we sense we must be at the end of the runway, we finally rise in the air. I feel a sense of adventure and exhilaration throughout my body. We are flying in a metal tube, high above the earth. Feeling small in the scope of things, cut off from the world, but felling connected to each other through this shared experience. Transcendence.

I took a trip this week and I love flying, especially the take off. I hadn’t quite examined why until recently I read a book called “The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters” by Emily Esfahani Smith. In it, she puts forth 4 pillars of meaning and the last is transcendence, feeling very small yet also connected to others. This can occur on a spiritual level when you feel connected to a higher power or on a secular level when you see a beautiful sunset. It also happens to astronauts high above the Earth, viewing it from space.

Can you remember moments of transcendence in your life? Maybe viewing a stunning painting or listening to music? These moments can bring meaning to our lives, a sense of connection to others and the order of things.

Can you find time to gain more transcendent moments? Plan to watch a sunset, be out in nature, or go to a museum perhaps? These moments can be key memories that sustain us all our lives.