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1. You’re trying to live up to an image because you care what others think

My work as an attorney left me exhausted, unhappy and not in the flow. You’d think I’d have some great stories of when I reached my limit and yelled at a federal judge in the courtroom, but I don’t. Because I coped and accepted. I did my job to the best I could because I had to live up to the image of good girl I’d strived for since childhood.

How much do you care about what people think? Is it keeping you in a job you hate?

Sometimes we try to live up to expectations that we don’t examine. We think that people care more about what we do and try to please those people. List some people in your life who you think might care if you change careers. List examples of what they have said or done in the past that show their judgement. Is there actual evidence how they judge you? Often there aren’t many. If there are examples, are they enough to keep you miserable?

2. You’re Hiding The Depth of Your Unhappiness, Even From Yourself

When I feel something, I don’t emote and express it outwardly, but I keep it within to mull over. So when I was unhappy, I didn’t act out at work or rage. I simply coped because it was what I had always done.

Until I could cope no longer. I knew I had to find answers. I started gobbling up all of the books I could find on getting quiet and going within. Books that taught me to be in stillness. They taught me to get quiet to figure out what I really wanted. And I wanted out.

I started dreaming of what I did want. I made plans. I pushed past my fears and left the law.

How do you truly feel at work?

Take some time for yourself at an activity where you’re able to go into flow. It may be meditation, a nice hot bath, or something physical like hiking. Connect deep inside yourself and ask for the truth. If you’re brave enough to go within, you will realize the truth about staying in your job.

The first step toward a happy career is realizing and accepting that you’re not happy now and a change must be made.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]