Embrace Your Renaissance Spirit with Next Generation Business Building

Courses that Help You Find Your Magic and Teach You How to Share it with the World

Attract Clients You Love and that Love to Work With You

You have a vision of a bustling business where you're fulfilling your dreams and helping clients. But in the everyday responsibilities of life and your business, you're not quite sure how to head toward this amazing vision you have for your business.

Helping people is the enjoyable part, but the niche finding, branding, and growing the business stuff - it seems so complex you'd rather lose a toenail than try to sift through all the information on the web.

You'd love a simple, soulful solution. Something that puts you in touch with your gifts, purpose and helps you bring it into the world of business building.

All those pitches that teach you how to make "six figures" make you feel a little sick because that's not what you're about. Sure, you wouldn't mind the cash but an amazing session with a client where you improve their lives, if just a little bit is what brings you joy.

You're also looking for a community of other people who are growing a soulful business and understand the challenges and the triumphs. You would love a place to get advice and inspiration.

How would it feel:

- To have courses at your fingertips that help you find your gifts and put them out into the world?

- ​​​​​​​To be a part of a community that cares about you and your success?

- ​​​​​​​To check off your progress through courses on topics you need and receive certificates as you complete them?
- ​​​​​​​To wake up everyday, energized to move forward in your business with clear direction?

Bethany Bilbrey, Founder of the Wild Practical Life School

I created the Wild Practical Life School, using the best of my gifts and experience to help you use yours. To help you join in the change happening in the world. To assist you in using your gifts to help and heal others, connected to your wild soul while still being practical and making a living.

I have a wide variety of training and experience - a degree in Economics, a law degree, a graphic design degree and life coach training. I've worked in advertising, law, marketing, web design and life coaching. I combine all of this into creating courses for you.

The Wild Practical Life School is a special, unique boutique cornucopia of resources for life and biz for Wild Practical Women that’s constantly growing.

Embrace Your Renaissance Spirit with Next Generation Business Building

Wild Practical Life School

The Wild Practical Life School  is a continuing education school and community for coaches and healers. We help them grow their business based on their gifts and strengths and bring them closer to the life they're meant to live.

As a result of taking the courses in the Wild Practical Life School,  you'll:

 - know just what your gifts are and how to use them to help others

 - know how to tell your story so that clients will connect to you

 - have one place to go to find your niche and branding techniques

 - have a community of like-minded business people for advice and support

Attract Clients You Love and that Love to Work With You

Wild Practical Life School
The Wild Practical Life School includes:

The following do-it-yourself courses:

- Niche Trailfinder

- Niche on Purpose

- Brand Archetype

- Brand Mood Board

The Wild Practical Life Private Group

A private Facebook group available only to school members where you can share stories and get advice and support.

Weekly Q&A

Weekly Q&A support in the Facebook group from Bethany and the Wild Practical Life team.

New Courses

Access to new courses as they are continually added to the School. Upcoming planned courses are Social Media Basics and How to Plan Your Day as a Soulful Creative.

You can finally get clear on your niche and branding so that you can get to helping people. The Wild Practical Life courses let you go at your own pace and on your own time so that you can learn in a way that suits you best.


 $119 join fee and $97 monthly subscription to the Wild Practical Life School, including access to new courses as they are added

Enroll Now and watch for an email to get instant access to your courses in the Wild Practical Life School.

Have questions? Email Bethany at bethany [at] wildpracticallife.com

Courses that Help You Find Your Magic and Teach You How to Share it with the World

Wild Practical Life School
Mariamne Ingalls, Life Coach
"Bethany develops original tools to help her clients, exactly tailored to the needs she’s seen. She has amazing resources she will share with you. I would recommend the program to entrepreneurs who are worried or skeptical about creating their brand, struggling with how to tell their story, stumped on their “About Me” webpage, or even how to structure a program that will appeal to their next clients. If the thought of the next “copy” or communications you write pulls your energy down, this is for you. You can find out what notes to hit, that will energize both you and your clients, in whatever you prepare. Inspiration! With a capital “I!”
Sue Brady, Life Coach
“I would recommend Bethany’s program to any of my friends that are looking to fine tune their brand from a fresh new perspective. I'm very excited about what I learned and how I can use the information to fine tune my message to my tribe.  Thanks for sharing this gift with me!”
Caroline Watters, Owner of Life Coaching & Energy Therapy
"Having Bethany by your side is one of the BEST investments you can make in yourself and in your business.  Her insightful, engaging and unique style of teaching is matched by a wealth of business expertise and a creative approach that puts the artistry back into building a successful business with passion and purpose. She's the real deal if you want to make your mark in this world."

Embrace Your Renaissance Spirit with Next Generation Business Building

Wild Practical Life School

How Much Is the School?
The School is subscription based. There's a $119 join fee and then you pay $97/month to access current courses and new courses as they are added.

How Are the Courses Run?
The courses are Do-It-Yourself. They can be done as fast or as slow as you need. They include text, audio, video and exercises to get you in touch with using your gifts in your business. Among the special features of the courses are private online note areas for your inspirations, checkboxes to keep track of your course progress and certificates of course completion.

What Course Support is Offered?
There's a weekly Q&A in the WPL Private Facebook group.

Can I Cancel?
Cancel your enrollment at any time and you will no longer be charged a monthly fee.

Can I Get a Refund?
We do not offer refunds but you may cancel at any time. We don't give refunds because we believe that a strong commitment with no backing out gets better results.

What Technical Support is Offered?
If you have trouble accessing or using your courses, the WPL team is available by email.

Will the School Monthly Fee Ever Go Up?
Yes, for newcomers. However, if you keep your subscription active, you're monthly fee will be frozen at your joining price.

Embrace Your Renaissance Spirit with Next Generation Business Building

Wild Practical Life School