The Secret Formula for Structuring Your Business

The Secret Formula for Structuring Your Business

Secret Formula to Build Your Business

As impatient entrepreneurs, we often miss steps and get turned around in our eagerness to start a business. We don’t take the time to figure out the best way to structure our company. 

So take a deep, calming breath, and let’s take a few minutes to get started on figuring out the best way to build your business.

First, imagine a coach that follows what everyone else is doing to create her business. She structures it along the lines of what she’s seen others do.

She doesn’t put much thought into it but follows the herd and what she has seen work. She has a poor copycat of another person’s successful business, or maybe even a mix of others’ work. We don’t sense her true essence and gifts in her business.

Now imagine another coach who really digs deep and figures out what she’s really good at. She figures out the area of coaching that excites her and she loves best.

She interviews her top two clients and figures out what their real issues are and what they need most. She prunes out every other possible offering that doesn’t excite her and isn’t what her clients say they need.

She creates an incredibly clear and focused business.

Which business do you think will do better?

Secret formula to structure your biz

Your business should be a cross between

What you do best
What your customers need most

What Do You Do Best?

Look at what you love to do. It can be just a small piece of your business. What gets you excited and in the flow when you’re doing your work?

What are the products and services that you hate to do in your business? What things do your most annoying clients want you to do for them and it feels like nails on a chalk board. How about being radically true to yourself and cross those off your list for your business.

Consider how you work too. Don’t think that you have to meet people in person if you prefer the phone. Don’t think you have to do live programs if you prefer online one. What’s the one little piece you can really specialize in and offer to your customer?

What Does Your Customer Need?

This can be a bit trickier to know for sure. What’s the best way to find out? Ask your favorite clients. Interview them on what they need, what would make their lives easier.

When you’re brave enough to follow this formula, you can get focused and can start attracting work that you love.

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  • Whitney Ryan

    July 21, 2017 at 2:50 pm Reply

    Thanks for giving us permission to follow what we truly love to do. I spent the first couple years of my business doing #allofthethings that I thought I *needed* to offer. When I finally got brave enough to niche down and focus on what I really enjoy, biz has been so much more rewarding — emotionally AND financially. Once you can let go of the fear and just DO IT, things change in a really big way!

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