When I need to buy something, I’m kind of a geek about researching and finding the best option. I spend hours looking at all of the resources online, the reviews, and looking at all the pros and cons.

I thought you’d appreciate the benefits of my research to help you get your business online.

Website Hosting:

Siteground* – it’s inexpensive, reliable and the support is great (if you don’t mind Romanian accents.)

Learning Management Software – or Course Teaching software:


Teachable – has graduated pricing depending on how many customers you plan to have. Easy to get started and it looks really great. Always a plus in my book!

WordPress plugins:

You’re going to have to pay for a yearly license to get a decent one, but the price varies. Also realize that you may need additional plugins for all of the functionality that you want.

Learndash – not too expensive and a really good academic software.

Access Ally* – I decided to go with this one because of the great reviews, the focus on entrepreneurs who market online, my experience using someone else’s site, and how pretty it is! I got a special deal for you – your first month for $7! Access Ally*

Email Service Provider for Newsletters:

Ontraport*When I was finally ready for a grown-up company to send my email and keep track of my marketing and customers, I chose Ontraport. I had started with free email services and graduated to inexpensive ones. But they never did all that I needed. Finally using Ontraport, I feel like I have a wise elder standing beside me, guiding me the whole way, instead of a temperamental teenager. I can do so many things I could never do before because of it’s a true Customer Relations Management System (CRM). I highly advise you check it out.

*Ambassador Link – I research all of these products long and hard and only recommend the best. Some of them will give me a small recommender’s fee if you use my link to sign up. Often, you also get a deal by using my link. If you think this is fair, great. If not, feel free to go directly to the site and not use my link. No worries.