Brand Archetype Test and Profile


Are you a Wizard, Rebel or Hero? Or maybe one of the 12 other brand archetypes?

Do you:

  • Lay awake at night wondering how to attract more clients?
  • See the posts by top people in your industry and think you could never be that compelling?
  • Know your website seems flat or “not you” but you have no idea how to translate what you want or what colors of images to use or give to the designer?
  • Feel stuck because you don’t know what makes you special?

My archetype quiz and profiles use the power of ancient stories. You’ll learn how to quickly hook clients with a compelling, meaningful message.

You’ll be able to: 

  • Grab hold of clients of clients’ attention with a powerful, meaningful story.
  • Be able to identify what makes you unique.
  • Have an enticing story that will guide your business for years to come.
  • Be fired up with ideas for your website and programs with potential clients.

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