Bethany Bilbrey

Hi, I’m Bethany, the creator of Wild Practical Life.

I work with business owners who need to get online but don’t know how. They’re stuck and it’s getting in their way. I help them get online so they can do their real work and make money.

Let’s face it, technology is a challenge. You want to have a big impact with your work, but it’s not going to happen until you get your business online.

You just need the inside scoop, someone to hold your hand, give you confidence and teach you how to figure out all this technology. Wild Practical Life is here to help.

I know the tools you need, am good at explaining things step by step, and you can trust me with any questions, especially the ones you might think are stupid. I can help you get your business online.

I’m a creative innovator and love technology and gadgets. I’m annoyingly curious and research until I find the best. Always in search of more knowledge, I’ve done a lot of different things.

In college, I got a degree in Economics and worked in Boston and New York City. Then I went on to law school in Washington DC and worked as an attorney. I learned a ton of great research skills, but hated the arguing. Needing to explore my artistic side, I went on to get a degree in graphic design from Parsons in New York and had a web design business. Wanting more fulfillment and meaning, I completed Life Coach training. Now I combine all my talents to create tools to get your business online and do your important work.

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