Bethany Bilbrey

Hi, I’m Bethany, the founder of the Wild Practical Life School.

I’m an East Coast transplant moved to the Rocky Mountains. I have an amazing husband and two kids, who are now teenagers – so wish me luck. It’s not unusual in my house to hear a serious discussion over dinner about whether a shrinking ray also impacts density. You know, the important questions.

I love the woods behind my house but you probably will find me communing with the trees instead of on a 5 hour power hike.

I’m insatiably curious and just can’t help my desire to learn new things. It means my resume reads like I’m five different people, but I prefer the term “Renaissance” to “indecisive.”

I’ve spent many years going from one career to another, constantly needing to learn and grow. In college, I worked in advertising and moved to New York City to be a part of that scene. I got sidetracked with a career in law in Washington, DC, where I hated the arguing, but loved the people’s stories in the court cases and the research. I then decided to get into advertising through web and graphic design, getting a degree and starting my own company. When it was time for a change, I moved on to life coaching so I could help others in a more meaningful way. As a life coach, I gravitated towards helping others figure out their gifts and purpose.

I get so juiced when learning new things and synthesizing them to help others.

That’s why I created the Wild Practical Life School, using the best of my gifts and experience to help you use yours. To help you join in the change happening in the world. To assist you in using your gifts to help and heal others, connected to your wild soul while still being practical and making a living.

The Wild Practical Life School is a special, unique boutique cornucopia of resources for life and biz for Wild Practical Women that’s constantly growing.

Some tidbits about me:

• I want all of the gadgets on Indiegogo. New inventions are awesome.

• If reading were an Olympic sport, I’d be a top contender. I’m often happiest curled up on my couch in my pjs, reading a book. Don’t even ask how thick my glasses are.

• I love to travel with my family and usually fit in one great trip a year, but I’m much happier in a fancy hotel room than a tent in the middle nowhere. Just the way I’m made, I guess.

• I believe in deep conversations instead of cocktail party chatter. I believe that hardship sucks, but it can often put you on the right path to joy.

• I believe each of us has unrivaled stories and gifts and often the ones we want to hide are the most important. I believe learning, exploring and sharing them is the way to go.